It is the most influential and powerful tribe of Maya. They have the greatest armament and power in the territory’s resources. Its arsenal ranges from “Pankzerfagwen” tanks (German tanks), war helicopters, airplanes, mobile machine guns, sub-machine guns and armored vehicles, to piercing pistols, fragmentation grenades, laser cannons, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and mechas.

It is not a secret that Magnus is the protege of Lavey, the Deimos (Semi-God) of greater power. His intrinsic relationship with the clergy has earned him information that is not even aware of Remo, his second in command.

His tribe has been at war since he gained power through his alliance. Lavey supplies him with armament, fuel and access to the Eden Zone, a garden in the middle of nowhere, and the only source of supreme “mana” in the world, from which only his men feed.

The temperamental and authoritarian character of the General Captain of the Magna is well known. It is said that its origin comes from the only time he had access to a vision to the Nexus room. It is not known if the rumor is true, but there was a time where, the now rabid leader of the Magna, was not so fierce and so unstable. That moment where a flash of truth changed everything.





Leader of the Magna tribe.  Competitive and given to leadership. He is able to go beyond moral limits in order to get what he wants, because he considers that the end justifies the means. Worshiper of Darwin’s selection theory; for him the world is a place full of useless stomachs.

In the tribe of the Brodya individual freedoms are respected (few leaders allow so many discrepancies with respect to their way of thinking) and dialectic is allowed with the rest of the members in forums.

The rules within the tribe are fair to allow cohesion within it, but despite this, the variety is huge, which makes this group the most different, as it contrasts with the rigid way of being (more unidirectional) of the rest of the tribes.

Anyway, if today they still stand, it is because they are all united by a strong sense of camaraderie and eagerness to reach Nirvana, in the least destructive way possible, being also of the few tribes that allow another to join without war conflict, sharing space and resources whenever possible.





Leader and creator of the Brodya, and who had the idea to pick up the Parya to form a group and reach for Nirvana.  Humanist and practical, with good taste when dressing.  He has a mind that is sharp as it is agile.  Great swordsman y and excellent shooter in duels.  He’s very skilled in reading the minds of the other people, and it’s an advantage that he uses very often.

Shields have the strongest shield. A tribe protected by walls of more than 60 meters high and half a kilometer long, which inside keep the jewel in the crown, a citadel formed by intrinsic and labyrinthine corridors, whose map is only kept in the head of a man: Shakur, leader of the tribe and creator of the clan.

Shakur’s obsession to protect himself from the invaders and to depend less on the outside, has materialized in an inmense strength, with a no less internal supply network.  He has managed to generate a substitute of the “Mana” that they call “Savia”, from which they extract almost everything they need, but it is still not enough to satisfy the requirements of the tribe and they must find food abroad, although to a lesser extent.

They are engaged in a battle to the death with the Dolls, because they have discovered their source of food, and the Shields also represent a risk to their most precious secret.  Shakur’s reason for not hearing it from the rooftops is because he wants it only for himself; the only way to be completely sure of the outside is to crave the heart of the tribe of the Amazons.





Leader oh the Shields.  Machiavellian mentality.  He’s an effective organizer of his tribe.  He always lives with the idea that any form of defense is small, so he tends to be overly distrustful until gratifying paranoia.  He has arranged every minimum detail of his base to need to go outside as little as possible.  For some reason, he’s interested in something that the Dolls have.

Tribe formed by dissidents of the other tribes.  They are harasses and thieves.  They do not know any form of organization; chaotic in a way that only the devil can know, because they only respect the law of the strongest.  Its form of combat has been reduced to waiting for others tribes to leave their domains in search for food, to start a war against another, and in that moment they attack to take the base.  A simple but effective method.  In this way they have managed to conquer countless sites.  Its base has the distinction of beign in a relative safe area, and its closest enemies (the Dolls and the Shields) are at war with each other.





Leader of the Breakers.  Coward, devious and above all, survivor to the ultimate consequences.  He does not mind using anyone to keep breathing.  Behind his facade of tough guy, is a miserable desperate because his own men do not kill him.  He has months confronting the Brodya to win a piece of land without any triumph.  The conquer of the Limbo zone is presented as the last possibility of obtaining resources and a good image before his tribe.

The Dolls are a tribes formed mostly by women who had achieved make a hole between the mos important tribes in the Maya world; their battle tactics have to do a lot with that, because the use their charms as the predatory cunning to get one victory after another. They are bellicose and fast, their troops pops out for the quantity of fast and motorized vehicles. they are precise shooters and in face-to-face combat they move like lionesses.  The few men that live with them, make some logistic support labors or shoot with them in battle.

They are masters in the Guerrilla war; the few times that someone has escaped alive from them, have to carry out a remembering gift back to home base: as a cut in the body or a mutilated limb. They have been in constant war against the Shields for some time ago, and they have been able to sustain all their attacks, and they have made Sakur give a second though about invading the Dolls.





Leader of the Dolls.  Woman of extraordinary beauty and full of resources.  To her acrobatic skills in battle, you have to add an environment that suits her perfect in all the battles against the Shields; she uses this advantage a lot.  She’s very worried about the well-being of their comrades; she never gives herself the luxury of letting pass an opportunity.  Reckless and wild as a lioness; she had kept Sakur at distance, even that shw counts with inferior equipment.

Spiritualist tribe, they are the messengers from beyond; formed by those who arrived at Maya with an unique ability: Read the mind of other people.  Even whats this could mean in Maya world, at war at all times, these people are well-talented and they do not abuse of their powers; they have decided to understand the world around them.  They have limited themselves to watch what happens around them. Because they hate to fight, they try to hide and evade the wars of the world. Each one of the Hawks, by the time they came to Maya, were blinded by a powerful light, but this opened up their Sixth Sense. They communicate between them in dreams, so they sleep almost all of the time.  The place were the meet is know as ‘’The Nets’’: a psychic and extrasensory connection that bonds them together. Each one of them is connected to Maya in a very special way: they can speak with the world and with all the creatures that inhabits it with just closing their eyes and concentrate.

Each one of them have an identification sign that identifies him or her as someone unique to the others, but at the same time is bounded to the rest: The Great All, as they mention; and they insist that their power is not unique and that anyone can achieve.





Leader of the Hawks.  Pacifist and quiet minded.  He watched all the exterior details before making a decision.  He’s not used to leave the base, ans he uses a mask that covers his face.  Besides he can read people’s minds, he has a powerful energy shield that covers his body and that gives him telekinetic abilities.  Magnus wants him dead.

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