Nirvana is a comic book that rises up as an international collaboration between Spain and Latin America. Our objective is to develop the first book, in three languages (English, French and Spanish), of a story just for adults, located in a post-apocalyptic world at the edge of extinction,  where life is worthless. Six tribes will fight for a place in the heavens, or their downfall to forgiveness.

From the beginning to the end we will touch themes as war, politics, man relation with God and the rejection to the idea that exists one, cople relationships, family, the lost of loved ones, and, before all, the survival in a decadent world, created by the guilt of our own actions.

The conflict takes over the world, the war is upon us, blood and cry are spilled on Earth, and just one of the tribes will be chosen to open the gates of heaven. 


Maya is a world where sun never hides. The people just have two options: Kill or Die; this is a place where life if worthless than a bullet. The birth is unnatural: people came to life, completely formed and at an age between adolescence and adulthood, through cables that comes down from heaven. They come down from a mysterious place known as “The Uterus”.

In Maya World, the space-time has been divided in 6 parcels, where people have been abandoned to compete for a piece of the de los meager resources that exist. Each one of these areas is controlled by a tribe, ruled by a leader that directs its members to fight against the others, to extend the tribe domains to new areas ans to appropriate of its resources and people.

In the center of the planet is the Nexus, a huge tower with its top is above the skies, and where is located the Seat Of Deymos… from there all tribes are watched, so they respect and obey the three great laws that rules the mysterious game that takes place in the planet.


In Maya, the lack of resources has started a war for survival. Six tribes have been formed, trying to survive the harsh environment. The complete society is ruled by the 3 laws that came out of a mysterious place know as The Seat Of Deymos, just like the sword of Damocles, it hangs over the skies… judging:

1 – Each tribe must blindly follow its leader, and respect and obey his commands.

2 – If the leader of a tribe is killed by another, the losers must take part of the wining team.

3 – The main objective of existance is to reach for Nirvana.  The most importat law, and the one that molds the others is the obligation to reach out for paradise.  All tribes must fight among them until there’s only one that rule Maya; in that moment, the gates of heaven will open for the survivors.


Two tribes: The Brodya (led by Edel) and The Breakers (under Roy’s command), have decided to negotiate the distribution of the Limbo zone (a place with fertile lands, where they can harvest food).  Both tribes where cited in a place to reach out for an agreement and to avoid any conflict that could harm any of them.  After a long discussion without any tension, Edel finally convinced his rival to accept the agreement; then, a capsule came down from the skies (its size is no bigger than a car), and falls over them, making a huge energy explotion.  Roy, believing that this is a trap from the Brodya, order his men to open fire to his enemies; Edel’s tribe, are forced to respond the attack with their own means…  While the two groups try to overwhelm the other, the capsule’s doors opens and several rays of light goes out toward the sky, covering all atmosphere and blinding everyone there…  All of the Brodya fall unconscious.  When they wake up, the battle have been finished, and around them there was a sea of dead bodies…


As it cannot be in other way, we must not let the main characters of this hystory without voice (neither without movement); that’s why Nirvana has as second objective to launch an animated version of this comic, with voices and soundtrack.  This animated version will be available through our website and at YouTube and Vimeo, where everyone can see.


Creating a comic requires time and resources. We have been working in Nirvana for a year and a half, all the designs are finished, just as the scripts have been written in their entirety.

We have the entire team (director, scriptwriter, illustrator, designer, colorist, art director, editor, designer, etc.)  However, our ability to operate without funds has reached its limit, which is why we will begin a crowdfunding campaign to finance the work through the Ulule platform.

We will use the funds raised to complete the production process and make Nirvana a tangible reality. (If you want to know when the campaign starts, leave us your email and name in the “subscribe” section and we will inform you as soon as it starts)

Therefore, we have created these rewards for the patrons who support the project.


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