In this section we will show you all the images for you to get used to “Nirvana” graphic novel.

Here we introduce you all the main covers, designed and painted by our graphic director: William Betancourt (ArtKsi).


Two tribes will face each othe; an outside explotion started a war among them. Edel, leader of the Brodya tribe, runs trough the streets as an attempt to reach out the leader of the Breakers tribe; if he gets it, the rivals will fall on their knees and the situation will be in control, but something unexpected happens and everything he knew, changes drastically…

Here you can appreciate all the sketches that have been done for the  main character’s designs. And all of them will participate in the conflicts that will take place in the graphic novel.

In a post-apocalyptic world, 6 tribes fight each other, to demonstrate which has the supremacy over the others… where everybody live by the rule of the survival of the fitest.

Each tribe counts with one or more leaders, that will guide them in the upcoming events, and that will guide to the supreme victory over the others.

The Day Of The Bleeding

by Christopher Suriel | Nirvana Graphic Novel OST

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