Beyond this world

Nirvana is a 3D animated series born as a result of international collaboration between Spain and Latin America. Our goal is to develop an adult story set in a post apocalyptic world of futuristic character. The relationships between the characters and moral dilemmas they face, in a world condemned to death formed an integral part of the plot. For more details, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Artella. If you want to join the project as a partner or help us in financing the campaign with your donation, please contact us through the form.

The team

This is a sample of our great team
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Jules Herrero

Director – Screenwritter
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Hector Suriel

Modeling Director
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Aitor Hellin

Art Director
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Juanma Camacho

Illustrator – Storyboard
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Kai Lan Rei

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Gonzalo Tévar

Productor – 3D Animator
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Animation Director
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Manuel Morales

Community Manager